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As a Service Disabled Veteran Own Small Business (SDVOSB), we provide valuable products and services in several areas. Our offerings include Technical Services, Training Support, Manpower Services, and Specialized Services.

HP-COMPAQ/DELL/SUN Windows/Unix/Linux
System planning, hardware/software requirements, installation, maintenance, programming, laboratory/system integration, procedures, testing, reporting, quality control (QA), disaster recovery, and data analysis.

Computer Networks
Planning, equipment/software requirements, QA, installation, maintenance, integration, disaster recovery, operating systems, e-mail, management, monitoring, reporting, testing, disaster recovery, procedures & documentation, and configuration management.

Personal Computers
Hardware/software requirements, networking, QA, operating systems, peripherals, utilization, monitoring, management, testing, software applications, virus detection & repair, and system backup.

Classroom Training/eLearning/Computer Based Training (CBT)
Training Requirements, training objectives, planning, prerequisites, delivery environment (CD, Internet, & network), configuration management, developing/gathering content, styles, graphic art, user interface, student testing, CBT testing/evaluation, CBT modification/upgrading, goal setting, and training analysis/effectiveness.

Special Project Management - Technical Project Management
Hardware, software, staffing, cost, facility requirements, planning, setting project objectives, risk management, tracking, reporting, scheduling, and setting milestones.

Custom and Vertical Applications
Special Purpose Computers, Hardware/software requirements, business objectives, planning, programming language, database utilization, QA, software development & modification, documentation, procedures, integration, testing, maintenance, configuration management, delivery medium (CD, Internet, & network), business/software risk analysis, and user interface.

Commercial Computer Software
Business requirements, distribution, installation, monitoring, programming, designing business processes, and integration.

Business Process Engineering / Reengineering
Planning, requirements, project management, cost analysis, configuration management, business objectives, software, equipment, electrical, mechanical, environmental, QA engineering, project management, goal setting, computer hardware and software requirements, process analysis, process performance, process testing, manufacturing, material handling, process reliability, administration, business interface, and integration with existing processes, process risk analysis, and best practice. 

Network Security Services
File Management , URL site management, Data Analysis, Lost Data retrival services, Data Storage and Retrival, IS and IA support services.

Document Conversion
Project & conversion trade-off analysis, QA, publishing medium selection, change management & configuration control, hardware & software utilization, conversion process design, and document convertibility analysis.



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